Essay about Mecca

Essay about Mecca

Essay about Mecca, contains many important and valuable information about Mecca and its importance in the hearts of Muslims from all parts of the earth .and all that you will find here in Essay about Mecca.

Essay about Mecca

Mecca is considered one of the most beloved places in the world for Muslims because of its greatness and sanctity in the souls where is the sacred House of God  ,and in it came down revelation . All that you will learn here in Essay about Mecca.


Mecca is the purest and most sacred land created by God, it is the land of the prophets and has the House of God.Mecca is the second Qibla after Jerusalem, and was named by many names: Taiba, Mecca, Rama, Umm al-Qura as mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Mecca was located in the center of the earth, and was in its beginnings as a remote desert area surrounded by mountains on each side, until God ordered Ibrahim  al Khalil and his son Ismail to build the Kaaba and reside around it, and God ordered him to call the people for pilgrimage.

And descended by the tribes of the sons of Khuza’a and Bani Bakr and a number of other tribes to enter the worship of the idols to Mecca and renounce the religion of Ibrahim .

The same situation continued until God authorized the birth of the Annunciation again by the coming of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and accompanied by the revelation of the Koran recited until the Day of Judgment.

Mecca is a sacred land, the purest of the land of God until the Day of Resurrection, the center of the Islamic call in the world and it has distinctive presence in the heart of every Muslim.

The land that embraced the birth of the Prophet and the birth of islam.

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Mecca is the capital of Muslims and is the Qiblah in all parts of the earth, namely the Qiblah in prayer, and the shrine of pilgrimage and place of comfort, the cradle of the Prophet of Mercy Muhammad peace be upon him and his family and he originated and grew up and started his first message from it.

Muslims began to follow the Qibla in Mecca after the direct divine command in the middle of Sha’ban of the second year of migration.

Also, the Mecca gathers Muslims each year in the pilgrimage season of Dhu al-Hijjah, where all Muslims pilgrimage ,from all shades and colors and languages ,​​to Mecca annually to perform Hajj in one dress only combines them the piety in saying:” labayka allahum lbayk “.

Today, Mecca is witnessing major expansions from Saudi Arabia to the Makkah campus to accommodate the large number of people coming to it every year.

As the Hajj season approaches, it takes great measures to ensure that people arrive at the Haram house safely and returning to their homes safely.

These procedures may be tired and sometimes exhausting because of  the number of pilgrims each year which increase than expected.

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