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Essay about London
Essay about London

Essay about London

Essay about London , contains all the important and valuable information about the city of London. Here you will find essay about London with all the information you are looking for about London, its attractions, geographical location and everything related to London.

 Essay about London

London is one of the most beautiful tourist and industrial cities in the world and if you are looking for more information about the city of London; here you will find essay about London  gives you all the information you seek .


The city of London is the capital and largest city of Britain.It is located on the south side of the country on the Thames, with a population of about 8.4 million, of whom 2.7 million live in inner London neighborhoods.

Its total population in all its suburbs is approximately 15,010,295 inhabitants, according to the 2012 estimates.This is Europe’s largest city by population and one of the most important cultural, political and economic centers in Europe.

It has a large number of famous theaters, universities, museums, educational institutes and cultural centers around the world.

Called several different names, including the following: Londra. Londres. The fog city has a climate of almost permanent fog in summer.

Tourism in London is suitable for all ages, young and old as well as all nationalities, where there are restaurants serving traditional meals from all over the world, often these restaurants in public parks.

There is also a famous market called Burro Market on the south side of the River Thames, as well as other commercial markets that include the world’s most famous restaurants and shops, especially clothing, jewelry and handicraft shops such as the Brick Lane Street in the east from the city.

London is also famous for the Camden market on the north side and the Portobello road on the west side.To enjoy the shopping, it is better to get out of the metro by foot to these markets, where you can see colorful houses and shops that sell old crafts on the street leading to the market.

The most beautiful part of London is the dynamic intercultural integration that a visitor can recognize  the city by walking on the sidewalk, riding the city’s famous red bus or by traveling on the subway.

The city of London is administratively divided into several administrative areas.

It is divided into two parts:

The north of the city: which includes the city district. Camden. Ealing. Enfield District. Barking and Dagenham. Barnett area. Brent area. Havering. London. Hackney. Hammersmith and Fulham. Harnegi. Harrow. And then Forrest. Westminster. Hounslow. Kansas and Chelsea. Newham. Redbrieg. Tower Hamlets.

South of the city, which includes both: Kingston. Merton. Lambeth. Bexley. Bromley. Greenwich. Louis. Saten. Richmond. Croydon. Your error. Wandsworth.

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