Essay about life

Essay about life

Essay about life , contains all the fresh meanings that express the beauty of life with all that is in it. All this will be found here in essay about life .

Essay about life

Life is all that surrounds us, all the sad, happy and mixed feelings and all that you will find here in essay about life. 


To love life is the first cornerstone that enables a person to live his life as if drawing a bright palette in joyful colors, decorating his life with his love for others and his love for good.

Love and joy prevail throughout the universe, and injustice and hatred disappear and are buried deep away from life.

The second cornerstone in this life is the formation of good social relations between people, life can not be enjoyed in unity and isolation from others.

Life is the tree and social relations are the branches of this tree. Therefore, social relations must be strong and interconnected with each other.

God created  this life in its most beautiful forms, making the geographical diversity and different terrain the third cornerstone to enjoy life.

Man enjoys the scenes and landscapes of nature around him, which enchants the hearts. The four seasons worn by the earth are adorned with the most beautiful of what God created in this life, without which life will be like a rigid piece without color or a bleak, dull and unbearable taste.

There are also vast plains, deep valleys and high mountains, where man can practice his favorite sport.  We enjoy swimming with the fish and happy to climb the mountains and ride the horses, and the boats in the seas that capture us and take us to a distant shores, astonishing us until we forget ourselves, drown in the beauty and splendor of this life, like embracing the wounds of the soul to heal.

Life may blow to man and extinguish his light of hope, but it must be as smooth as the leaves of the tree, crucified as its roots.

 Do not despair with life and no life with despair, and always remember that after every night a beautiful bright day, and return to fly in the space of this life.

In conclusion, we are all keen to love life and enjoy the grace of God and thank him,and make it a place of beautiful memories ,love and tenderness.

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