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Essay about happiness in life
Essay about happiness in life

Essay about happiness in life

Essay about happiness in life , with all the information that any person wants to know the meaning of happiness. Here you will find Essay about happiness in life in English.

Essay about happiness in life

Happiness has more than one definition and more than one concept ,here you will find Essay about happiness in life with all the important and useful information about the concept of happiness for many people and  how it differs from person to person.


Happiness is a feeling that comes from a work that a person loves, or is the result of something someone has done to someone.

Happiness includes several concepts; everyone he sees them from his point of view, there are many concepts that have been launched to happiness. Including: ‘Happiness is an energy of satisfaction that accepts reality; because it is the will of God, and works to improve it by the reasons God created for us to improve our condition in the universe.

Happiness rest assured the heart and explain the chest and relax the mind.

Happiness is satisfaction with everything and stems from faith from the heart.

Happiness is a sense of pleasure and inclusiveness.

Happiness is to rely on God to achieve good.

Steps of Happiness :

The first step ;every one must always ask himself what happiness is? And try it 10 or 20 times, and write definitions and convictions, and then review the answers so as to know the cause of happiness or unhappiness, and discover the location of the imbalance, and each of us try to turn his negative thoughts about happiness to positive.

The second step ;every one must sense pleasure in happiness, it is by recording the effects of lack of happiness in a paper,and the effects of happiness in another, the comparison of the two papers will strengthen the desire for happiness.

Step 3: Make yourself happy, and say to yourself, “I have succeeded in overcoming my anger.

I will succeed in getting happiness.”

The fourth step; you have to pay attention to several points affect your happiness, including: having the qualities of the happy person, including: (take advantage of the past .. and enthusiasm for the present and the future).

Facing events as carrying a message, consider the problems as opportunities for change and good dealing with yourself and others.

Be positive and developed for yourself and for your knowledge.

Happiness may lie in getting what we have been deprived of, so it is:

For the poor: getting wealth.

For patients: compliance with healing.

For lovers: meeting and communication.

For Strangers: Homecoming.

For prisoners: achieving freedom.

For the oppressed: Equity and justice.

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