Childhood essay
Childhood essay

Childhood essay

Childhood essay , contains many information about childhood ,and we will find here a lot of concepts about childhood and the importance of this stage for the child and how it affects significantly on children. We will find all this here in Childhood essay  .

Childhood essay

The period of childhood is one of the most important stages in which a person goes through and affects his personality greatly later on. All that information you will find here in Childhood essay.

Definition of childhood

Childhood refers to a situation in which a person is below maturity or adulthood,  There is a close link in many societies between the concept of childhood, physical maturity, physical maturity and reproductive maturity.

As for modern Western societies, it is different, As the transition from childhood to adulthood requires many years after puberty.

The term “childhood” is defined legally as a situation that describes the dependence of individuals on adults, being unable to take care of themselves, their lack of cognitive competence, and emotional rights of adults.

Here, psychological immaturity is one of the other criteria on which the definition of the term child is based,  Thus, the definition of childhood falls under the category of many complex cultural judgments, primarily the issue of maturity and lack thereof.

As well as the presumed capacities of children, and how they differ from adults, and hence we note that childhood is a social group, not just a human nature.

UNICEF definition of childhood

From UNICEF’s point of view, childhood is the time when children get the right education for this stage and play, in an environment full of love and support from adults, including their families and communities, away from the fear of abuse, exploitation and violence.

Hence, this organization views the concept of childhood as a much deeper concept than the stage in which a person lives between birth and maturity, focusing on the living situation in which the child lives and the quality of life he or she experiences during those years.

There are many differences and intellectual and cultural differences that define childhood. The UN General Assembly defines this aspect as the period in which the child lives before reaching puberty, taking into account the appropriate and inappropriate conditions for the child.

Medical concept of childhood

Medical concept of childhood is defined as the period in which male and female births live from birth until the beginning of puberty,  Where parents must take care of their children during that period, by providing all the necessary means to prepare a human personality suitable for these children.

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