Animal research topics
Animal research topics

Animal research topics

Animal research topics , contains a lot of important information about animals. We will know the types of animals and the way of feeding that each type depends. And also we will know the movement and senses. All this is here in Animal research topics .

Animal research topics

There are many types and varieties of animals and each of them has different and varied qualities in everything. Here we will learn more about the characteristics of animals and their food and everything related to it. All this is here in Animal research topics .

Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom consists of hundreds of thousands of different animal species, which vary in size from single cell animals to reach the blue whale, which is considered the largest animal ever.

Animals are spread in all environments around us, where they are found in the ocean and multiply on mountains, in forests and in the desert, and animal chains extend to icy poles.

Over time, many animals adapted to suit the environment. Although there are many types of animals with exotic characteristics, but we still classify them within the animals and not within the plants.In this article we will present a collection of information about the animal world.

Information about the animal world

Here we will highlight the most important information about the animal world:

The movement

 One of the most distinguishing features of an animal is that an animal can move and change its place in search of water and food, with the exception of some species of marine animals that depend on water currents to move from one place to another, but most marine animals can move either by fins or by capillaries Hanging from them.

On the other side we find outside the water animals that can move through jumping like frogs, and we find some animals that can fly like birds of all kinds.

Reptiles also rely on mobility by crawling from one place to another. It is important to note that there are many types of animals that have more than one method of movement. For example, a duck can walk and can swim and can fly.


Animals differ from plants that make their own food. The animals are divided into two parts, the first of which depends on the meat in their diet.

This type of animal is called the predator, and it is characterized by sharp lines and strong claws, so that it can be torn apart.

It is worth mentioning that there are types of birds  that feed on animals, for example falcon, and eagles, which are characterized by sharp and crucifixion beak.

The second type of animal is the type that depends on herbs and plants in food, and this type of animals have flat and strong teeth such as elephants, sheep, and cows.


Most organisms has a reaction to any variation occurs in the surrounding environment. But animals have a higher sense and more accurate towards these changes, and the reason is that the animals possess tools of high-senses, Most animals can see, hear, smell, feel and taste.

The evolution of the senses varies depending on the type of animal. Insects have a high-precision visual sense. Bats can not see objects clearly. Bats have a very powerful sense of hearing through which they can hear their voice echoing through a barrier.

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