An essay about myself
An essay about myself

An essay about myself

An essay about myself , If you want to write an article about yourself or write a CV;  here you will find an essay about myself in English with everything you are looking for .

An essay about myself

Self-writing is one of the most difficult scripts, but if you follow the steps and tips here in an essay about myself , you will be able to write with ease and clarity.


Self-writing is one of the most important methods used to assert self and desires. It reflects the boldness of personality and courage, because the person who has the ability to write about himself is not afraid to tell the truth no matter how difficult the situations he is going through. It is difficult for a person in such a situation to be influenced by hearsay Others.

Recent studies and researches have shown that self-writing improves the health of the human being, both physically and psychologically, regardless of the status and condition of the human. It also showed that expressive writing has great value in times of stress, tension, sadness and anger. And it is considered a mental treatment, because it rearranges the events and different details, which leads to the discovery of the reality of the past painful events and that they were not the magnitude and cruelty that the self portrayed in the previous period, and it puts the person in a confrontation with himself.

Methods of writing about oneself;

Writing CV:

Self-presentation: The process of self-presentation is important and difficult, so prefer to provide basic information about the person, and answer the questions of strangers who do not know the personality of the human, including the biography summary of the name, interests, talents, skills, achievements, study, and experience , And the challenges faced by man in his life.

Include content: Select and customize specific topics, and take advantage of the previous step to strengthen the CV and increase its strength, and it is recommended to choose one thing and use it to describe your self in many situations and details rather than giving the other part  useless, divergent and scattered topics.

Use an accurate and good method: You should choose a suitable writing method when writing a CV. For example, I do not like writing” I like to swim”, but I prefer to add something special in writing so that the reader is related to the biography. It is preferable to write “I grew up playing swimming in various clubs and resorts. When I started practicing with my friends and I won competitions, I loved it more and more.”

Modesty: Whatever the talents and achievements of man should be mentioned in a modest manner, and it is advisable to stay away from bragging and pretending.

Write a personal essay:

Choosing a special story: Personal articles require a person to talk about himself, to use the real situations he has experienced in his life, and to express a good or appropriate idea or topic. For example, it is possible to write about a problem that a person could overcome in his life or a success story of his successes , or a positive failure experience.

Focus on one topic: Focus on one idea or event according to the prescribed conditions. A person may need to link events but not to digress.

It is advisable to write a personal essay in a concise and intensive way because it is impossible to write a five-page essay to talk about one topic. For example, if a person wants to talk about a story of emotional separation, he can shorten and not write about the first moment in which the acquaintance took place.

Attention to the element of suspense: Do not prefer to start the article in a calm and tedious, but must write  in a very interesting manner .

Collection of details: The fine details should be collected and drafted in a good and concise manner in order to serve the basic idea of ​​the subject.

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