A true friend essay
A true friend essay

A true friend essay

A true friend essay , contains a lot of important qualities that must be available in the friend so you can trust him and consider friendship between you a true friendship ,and all that is here in a true friend essay .

A true friend essay

Friendship is a beautiful and indispensable thing in the life of man. Man is a social creation by nature and here you will find many qualities that must be fulfilled in the relationship until it becomes eternal friendship, all here in a true friend essay.

The true friend

The friend is the one who you are reassured by his side and believes in him when he is behind you because he will protect you and not betray you, but he will advise you with the sound advice that saves you when you take the wrong path.

The friend must be carefully chosen to make sure that he is fit to be the closest person.

One of the advice we provide is:

knowing your surroundings thoroughly and not rushing to judge them.

You should consult with them and discuss with them the different conditions to know their metal and their honesty or ability to trust them.

Trying to choose who share your hobbies and interests, a person needs a friend to share what he loves, so that there should not be big gaps in ideas and opinions.

And of course the good friend is one who shares your hobbies and desires that do not disobey God Almighty, advise you and take your hand away from any idea that may anger Allah.

Trying to test the friend whether to test his honesty or safety or for  saving the secrets of others, and know what may be said in anger, is not good friend who exposes secrets or hurt others when being angry, and  it`s better to  to know the sites he visits frequented , or sharing of travel if possible through which his true qualities will appear.

In this way we have given you a true friend essay ,and you can read more topics about friendship  through the following link:

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